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Civic duty: Completed

Well, I voted. I think I was home again half an hour after I left, and I stopped to fill out an exit poll on my voting experience. All in all, super easy. And kinda fun, since all the poll-workers were cheery and joking around. Much, much easier than last time.


Damn fish

I just got Coho-botted (newest iteration of the Salmon bot) despite having totally neglected my LJ for weeks. Weird. FYI: The bot is now not just filtering out words like "bot" but replacing them with random nouns like "pianist" and "jeopardy," which confused the unholy hell out of the teenager the bot connected me to. Said teenager nonetheless promised to talk to me later. People are strange.


Be nice to me; I voted

I voted today, and I want a cookie. Or at least a sticker.

My polling place ran out of ballots at 6 p.m. I showed up around quarter of 7. Tired, hungry people--just off work, ready for dinner, missing their families--were leaving in droves. More ballots were finally delivered around 7:15. When they let us in, the line to check in went all the way down one long wall, looped back on itself, went all the way back up the wall and out the door. I finally turned in my completed ballot at about 10 of 8.

It seems six other precincts ran out of ballots. Precincts in Hyde Park, Mattapan and Dorchester. Minority-majority precincts. Poor precincts. Democratic precincts. I hope it's just coincidence. I hope the causes of these shortages will be investigated. Most fervently, I hope policies, rules and laws will be changed to ensure it never happens again.

It's exceedingly easy to avoid this form of disenfranchisement. It's shameful this state didn't.